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Full Access Privileges Being Denied Access

Question asked by garyjones on May 15, 2014
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Full Access Privileges Being Denied Access



     This is driving me bonkers. I have built a project management tool that's intended to be accessed by two users. It consists of several files, some of which have a few tables. The security profile of each file consists of three entitles - users 1 & 2 who have only read/write access and an admin who has full rights.

     Within the tool is a file with a portal window that displays customer communication records stored within another file. Each customer communication record has a User_ID, or account name, assigned to it - based on the account that last modified the relevant record. The portal view filter is set so as to only show records relevant to the account name, or User_ID, that's logged in.

     The User_ID field is displayed within the previously mentioned portal window as a drop down menu - where the menu contains the names of each User_ID. The objective being that one user can select the other user from the drop down menu and effectively assign them the customer. The tool was designed just using a guest log-in and worked fine. 

     This evening I have set up the three security profiles mentioned above to test the functionality and add some further features. Unfortunately, when I try to assign a new user to a record - as an Administrator with full rights - I get the error message shown in the attached file.

     I don't understand why I am getting this message firstly, as only I am signed in - as an administrator all scripts have full access privileges but also because once the message is closed a visit to the portal relationship file shows the changes have been made.

     This obviously has something to do with creating user profiles etc but I can't see what. All help appreciated before I go mad. Thanks as always.