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    Full Access Privileges not working



      Full Access Privileges not working



           I admin a file that was started 20 years ago in version 3.


           The original account set to full access is still in place and I use it often to modify the table.


           I wanted to change the account privileges of a user to a view only instead of read write.  When I change the privileges I am prompted for the full access password, my full access password doesn't work and I have tried Admin username and blank password with no luck.


           Can this be because of the newer 8 characters minimum?


           I am stumped and any help will be appreciated.

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               Try running a recover on the file, but pray that it doesn't find a problem. File damage associated with account security usually cannot be repaired.

               The obvious thing to check is whether you are actually entering the password correctly. Once upon a time, passwords were not case sensitive, but in today's versions they are. But I'd think that you couldn't open the file with a full access password at all if this were the case. What should work is for you to enter the precise account name (this is NOT the user name) and password that you used to open the file and access manage | security in the first place.