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    Full screen video



      Full screen video


           When playing a video it works fine given the size of the field.  If I double click within the field while the video is playing the video goes to full screen.  Is there a script that will open the video in full screen mode?



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               You do not mention the platform or FMP ver - but I would guess Mac and FMP 12?

               Filemaker is using Quicktime Player for displaying the video, unless you have set VLC or other to handle video files by default?

          Play Quicktime Movie Full Screen
          Play Quicktime Movie Full Screen  April 17, 2012


          SuperContainer is a FMP Plugin that offers more options and better performance over FMP native containers including

               Files stored in SuperContainer are interactive - you can click on them to see a full-sized image, the contents of a Word or PDF file, or play a QuickTime movie. You can also optionally add a button with an 'Open URL' script step to open your SuperContainer files in a full-screen view.

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                 Thanks for the help.