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    Fullscreen option with no header or scrollbars?



      Fullscreen option with no header or scrollbars?


      I have produced a photographic competition application to show digital images with titles and scores etc. - for use with a projector at a photographic club.

      It works OK, but the header and scroll bars are unnecessary and annoying in this application.

      Is there any way to turn them off i.e. select a 'fullscreen' option ?

      (it must be technically feasible as e.g. MS Powerpoint and Quicktime Player can do this) 


      Answer for any FMP version would be useful as I will upgrade if this works on later versions than 7. 

      I am using FMP7.0v3 on Mac G5 running Leopard 10.5.8 



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             Did you try Kiosk mode? You'd need Advanced...
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            Thanks Hbrendel,

            If I am understanding Kiosk mode correctly, it just switches off the toolbars.

            In FMP7, this can be done in a script, but I am looking for more than this - I want a completely blank screen except for the FMP fields and buttons.


            I will be working in dual screen mode (not mirrored). The second ('display') screen will be a 1050x1400 projector.


            I did do a 'workaround' by creating a window slightly taller and much wider than the display screen so that:

            1. Scrollbars, and Apple menu header fall of the edge of the screen.

            2. FMP control buttons and fields appear in the same window but on the first screen.

            Of course it's possible to have multiple windows open in FMP, but the records don't sync together - which is handy if you want to look at different records simultaneously, but that's not what I need.


            What I  want to achieve is something similar to 'View Presenter Tools' in Microsoft's Powerpoint (MSPP), but with added functionality based on FMP (ideally FMP7) fields, buttons and scripts.

            In this mode MSPP has two completely blank screens, one for a projector and a presenter's 'control' screen.

            There are no toolbarsno scrollbars and no 'Apple Menu' header bar.


            There must be a way. I am going to investigate Xcode and Applescripts - which are new to me although have been Mac user for over 15 years.

            If I get anywhere, I'll answer my own post here !!! 

            Any clues would be much appreciated though. 

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                 I've seen a few little programs that "blank" the screen; searching at VersionTracker I see this one: Screen Blanker - 2.0
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                   Kiosk mode does more than switch off the tool bars, it hides the menu bar as well. However, it also is a feature that, as far as I know, is only available for run time solutions and a run time may have limitations that are unacceptable.