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    Function question



      Function question


      Is there a way to compose a script to grab the value of a field in the current layout without knowing ahead of time which layout that will be? That is, say I have 5 different layouts that have a Last Name field. I'd like a single script to, among other things, grab the value in the current layout's Last Name field. I don't see how to do that. I guess I need to be able to use something like


      <current layout>::Last Name


      in the script.

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          Hi ralvy


          Are all your layouts using the same Table and is the layout based on the same Table Occurrence?


          If so then the calculation in your script just needs to reference the field directly


            TABLE::Last Name


          However if it is not this simple then you could give the fields on all your layouts Object Names, via the Object Info toolbar, and then in your script you will reference the name, which will be the same for the same field on all your layouts, you then use the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function in your calculation to get the value of the field


            GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Last Name" ; "Content" ) 


          This assumes you gave all your last name fields the Object Name "Last Name".


          I hope this helps.

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               Thanks. GetLayoutObjectAttribute does the job.