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Question asked by tricias on Jun 4, 2009
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Hi I am desperate for help with a function.  I have FMP V8.5 and I've tried reading heaps of solutions but I just get more confused as there seems to be a dozen options for any one thing.  Add to that the fact that I really don't understand all this language and you have one crazy person who is going around continually muttering to herself.


OK the facts .......  1  I am trying to create a database which will incorporate a fortnightly roster for people who work shifts. These shifts are not necessarily regular from day to day or week to week and there are often several short shifts filled by an individual in any one day).


2 One group of these people are not able to work longer than 8 hours in any one day or 40 hours in any week. 


3 I have  'Date' ; 'Worker' ; 'Start Time' ; 'Finish Time' ; 'Total Hours' fields along with other stuff.  


4 I would like something that would calculate (on entry) :    If 'worker' field = "employee" and 'total hours' fields for any 'Date' add up to  > 8 please return an error message which allows user to edit or ignore and continue. 


 5 As mentioned the roster is fortnightly with a 'Fortnight Begins' date and each fortnight runs from Mon - +14 (Sun ).  So I would also like to notify user if any Mon-Sun week the hours for 'Worker' are > 40.


Does this make any sense and can someone please, please help me !


Kind regards,