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functions and repeating fields

Question asked by ambrosiasw on Aug 3, 2010
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functions and repeating fields


Before I get started I would like to stress that I don't have much experience with FileMaker, so please make sure to explain replies. Thanks!

I am working on a small project for our database. We recently upgraded our invoices database and not all of the information we would like to have was moved during the upgrade, specifically software version numbers for applications purchased by customers. I have already exported the bits I need from the old database, what I need to do is get them ready for import. What I need help with is finding some way to get the rightwords function to work nicely with repeating fields. For example: The version of the software the customer bought is in the product field (i.e. Snapz Pro X 2.0.2) I have created a new field called version and I just need that last bit, the version number, copied to the new field. The right words function works great for that, the only problem is the product field has 15 repetitions, and the rightwords function is only getting the first one. If a customer purchases more than one product, only the version for the first product they bought is copied. I have setup the version field to have 15 repetitions just like the product field. So, how can I get rightwords to copy all the repetitions that may exist, not just the first one?