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    Fundamental Organization Question



      Fundamental Organization Question


      I apologize if this could have been easily found by search, but I wasn't able to find anything.

      I am very new to Filemaker (a relational database software in general), and I have been tasked with creating a system that organizes certain paragraphs by document type, paragraph type, and tags that have info on what the paragraph specifically contains.  I would like to set up a system where I can search by either paragraph type or tag and have all of the paragraphs  that contain the search terms returned.  Right now, I am at such a low level that I can't even accomplish that.

      As an example, say I wanted to search for "intro." What would be the best way to set up the fields on the display in order to return all of the paragraphs that have been labeled "intro?"  Is it possible to set up a type of advanced search in order to limit the search by tag, paragraph type, or document type?  Right now, I am struggling to return more than one. (Again, very low level here and I feel like I am banging my head against a wall.)

      Any help is appreciated.

      Edit 1: Thank you PhilModJunk for the reply.  Right now I have each paragraph as a field, with related fields for the name of the paragraph, the related tags of the paragraph, and the document that the paragraph came from.

      So, I have an entire paragraph as one field, then another related field naming it "example," then another field with a tag like "intro question." If I have many paragraphs named "example," but many others that may contain the word exampe, how would I set up a search box to find paragraphs named "example" as opposed to having the search function find every instance of example in all of the records? Is the search function built into filemaker the only way?

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          You've got two different issues and the choices you make in dealing with one will afect the other...

          On the one hand, you need to design a database with fields and relationships that support your project. FileMaker is not a desktop publishing system nor a word processor, but can be useful in cross referencing and in organizing the structure of your document's content...

          One the other hand, you want to set up easy to use tools for searching out the data you need from those fields and records in your database file.

          I can share a few pointers, but can't really advise you in detail as that would require knowing a great deal more about your database project.

          IF your text is entered in a single field, but you have potentially many records (each record can be one paragraph, one chapter, one topic, etc...)

          You can enter find mode, type "intro" into the field, perform the find and pull up all records where the records found are all records where intro appears in the field at least once.

          If you want to find all records that have intro AND apple, you can enter:

          Intro Apple

          as your search criteria.

          If you want to find all records that contain intro OR apple, you would:

          enter find mode, enter intro into the field.

          Select New Request from the requests menu.

          Enter applie into the field

          Perform the find.

          All of these searches can be done with scripts as well as by the manual method I have described.