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Future Date Calculating

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Apr 6, 2011
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Future Date Calculating


Hi Guys
I need to calculate future dates based on record created date.
I have to pay some money like monthly to some account. so i want to keep track this schedule with future dates.

what i did
Created today (calculation (gettoday) recalculate every time, does not store the data)
record created date - start paying
ending date - end paying
frequency : monthly or 3 months
created 12 fields to calculated future dates based on record created date (this is just record created date +30)But i know this is not what i need. if i use that the dates  will changed

What i need :
if i created the record 1/5/2011, there is a another filed called "NEXT_day'', so The NEXT_day should be 1/6/2011.This Should automatically understand the difference of month days.
and when the date come to really 1/6/2011, again The NEXT_day should recalculate 1/7/2011(Not sure if this works or may be i need to create another field). it does not matter if we put 12/5/2011, that also should do the same calculation with future dates.
I have bit more question , but if i figure this i think thats easy for me to figure rest.
How can i reach this goal. can some one help me .
Thanks in Advance