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    Fuzzy PDF



      Fuzzy PDF

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            Duh..problem getting my question posted.

            I upgraded from FM11 to FM12 and now I get fuzzy PDF's.  I'm using a solution on a cloud server and the I sent PDF forms email to customers. In FM11 all PDF were perfect.  In FM12 the 1st page is fuzzy and appears more bold while the 2nd page is sharp.   I took the program off the server and opened it on the desktop PC and still have the same problem. 

            Any ideas?




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                   The PDFs are being created in what software?
                   The PDFs are being viewed in what software?

              PDF Graphs fuzzy on windows
                   Title:  PDF Graphs fuzzy on windows
                   Post:  am in the process of setting up automated client reporting for one of my clients, set to send out 2000+ reports a month, everything is fine however, when viewing the information on the screen it is clear, but when you save it as a PDF and open the pdf it appears unclear and the graphs look terrible, looks clearer when you print the pdf but viewing the pdf is horrible, any ideas?
                   Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated
                   The worst part is the line on a line graph is barely visible unless it is black (you are unable to change the thickness), problem is in windows, displays a bit clearer on mac
                   also the fonts aren't the clearest