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Gaming convention DB

Question asked by costa_1 on Feb 13, 2013
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Gaming convention DB


     I'm trying to develop a database to manage a boardgaming convention. Until now i've been using a linux app called "Tellico" that does a decent job but i need something more easy to use, that will allow me to extract statistics and that has easier data imput. I'm kinda new with FileMaker and i'll be needing some assistence if there's someone out there that doesn't mind having me putting out my doubts :)

     What i want to do is a database that manages all the people that comes to our convention; the huge list of games that compose our "library" and of course the request of games.

     I need to know:
     - WHO took WHICH game;
     - WHICH games belongs to who;
     - WHERE in the library i put the game;

     and also all sorts of reports like: WHICH games are beeing played...

     Will anyone assist me in this job? Is there already any DB done that might fulfill my needs?

     Thanks in advance ;)