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Gather information from fields into another field to create a file name

Question asked by Goldfish on Dec 14, 2010
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Gather information from fields into another field to create a file name


Hi I am a new user to FM so again any help appreciated.  In my db i would like to get FM to look to particular fields for information and then to display an amalgamation of this collated information in another field.

This amalgamation of this information is the exact title of a file saved on our server.  The reason for this calculation is to ensure the file the user eventually saves and names is named accurately.  The information contained in the end field will be made up of static and dynamic parts

The file name created in the field should look like e.g. Te0179.SC05.Rev3.  The static parts are the "full stops" and the word "Rev"

Dynamic fields are

field 1 contains (ProjectNumber) Te0197

field 2 conatins: (Abbrev 1) SC

field 3 conatins: (Document Number 1) 05

field 4 conatins: (Revision 1) 3

I have tried a calculation like the following but with no success

"ProjectNumber"&"."&"Abbrev 1"&"Document Number 1"&"."&"Rev"&"Revision 1"

Maybe I am not starting the calcuation right, is the word "field:" missing?  Should the calculation result be text, number or container? 

Please help & thanks again!

In the end this field will have a dual purose and also act as a URL by taking the user to that exact pdf on the server, I think I have this bit licked though.  Then again maybe not i could be back again.