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    Genarate report from Check Box Set



      Genarate report from Check Box Set


      Hi all members

      i am using FMP 11 on windows, i am beginer for FMP. I want to genatare report based on Check box value list .

      for example

      I have 2 tables

      01. user registration

      02. Report Blocks

      what i need

      i want to list down report topic ( which is manually stored in Report Blocks (T02) ) in to the check boxs on T01.( that is working )

      so based on that value list i should be able to create repot. 


      i have manualy enters A ,B, C records in to the T02. ( this contains Report Topic and Report Body)

      Now i can see all the report Topics,   So i need to make choosing record Topics ( report Topic A or B or A and B, or A or C) on T01, Copy the relevent report Body(If i select report Topic "A" it copy the relevent report body for "A") and make another text report .

      How can i do that

      Thanks in Advance