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      Hi everybody. 

      It's my first post and I would like to apologize if something similar has already been answered, but I didn't manage to locate it.

      This is my problem:

      I have a table with:

      1. Person's name

      2. Gender

      3. Father's name

      4. Mother's name

      What I mean is that I can't create a relationship like this "Father's name = Person's name OR Mother's name = Person's name". I want to include in the same table the results of "Father's name = Person's name" and "Mother's name = Person's name" using the proper relationship. NOT the results of "Father's name = Person's name AND Mother's name = Person's name"

      Let's say that 

      "Father's name = Person's name" gives 100 results

      "Mother's name = Person's name" gives 20 results

      "Father's name = Person's name AND Mother's name = Person's name" will give 0 - 20 results max


       "Father's name = Person's name OR Mother's name = Person's name" gives 120 results.

      Excuse my English, I hope that the argument is understanable!

      For exapmle:

      1. Maria1 1. Maria2  1. George1 1. Kostas 1. Gena

      2. Female 2. Female 2. Male 2. Male 2. Female

      3. John 3. Albert 3. Jim 3. George1 3. George1

      4. Georgia 4. Elizabeth 4. Stella 4. Maria1 4. Maria2

      Kostas and Gena has the same father but different mother. How can I include in the same table the children of Maria1 and Maria2? Or Maria1 and George1? And so on when there are several parents... 

      Thanks in advance.

      Kostas from Greece.

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          If you put both mother's an father's name in a text field with the names separated by a carriage return, you can then use this in a relationship to match by Father's name OR Mother's name.

          You might try this calculation field for that purpose: List ( MotherName ; FatherName )  // Make sure text is selected as the return type.

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            Thank for the answer. I' looking into it, although I allready found another solution. 

            Your proposition though is very smart.

            Thank you very much! Wink

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              I'm guessing that you are using this portal to search for siblings and half siblings. You may be interested in the "search" portals in this demo file: 


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                It is very interesting the database you made. Thanks for the file and your help.

                Actually, I am making a database for bird breaders. Birds, births, genealogy and customers, sales etc. I may expand the database into genetics, you know which bird should mate with which in order to get, lets say, a yellow canary!

                You were very helpful, thanks again.