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Genealogy Database

Question asked by AndyJ on Dec 16, 2008
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Genealogy Database


Has anyone tried to create a genealogy database with Filemaker? I have a database with thousands of records on European Royalty and aristocracy that was built as a Hypercard stack years ago. Now I have a new Intel iMac with OSX 10.5, Hypercard won't work, so I am looking for another solution to keep the data.


I don't mind having to spend months re-inputting the data (once), but I need a satisfactory solution for storing the records with a way to relate them to each other and to output genealogy tables, and a method of keying in the data without having to input the same data multiple times for each person.


I don't really like the idea of using a commercial genealogy application (i.e. Reunion or similar). These apps, as far as I can tell, store far more items than I have, and require more accuracy than I have available for ancestry which in some cases goes back to BC. Also, because I am on a limited income, I can't afford to buy multiple applications if I can find one to cover multiple requirements, i.e. database and genealogy.


But creating a database and tables for the complexities of genealogy requires more experience and knowledge than I have for testing in a Filemaker trial period to determine if Filemaker is adequate to contain my data


So if someone has a schema for this type of project, and could help me set one up to test, I would be very grateful.