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    General assistance with structure...



      General assistance with structure...



      I am a convert to FMP after playing with access for a few years, and really like what I see.  I hope I can get some help with an understanding of proper structure for a project I am doing for my wife's business, and would appreciate any advice going in.


      In short, we have a promotional modeling agency (like the bud light girls at the bars, etc).  I want to be able to create a DB that will allow her to track her models (including demographics and pay rate), the events they work, the venues where they work (i.e. the bars, etc.) and the companies that hire my wife's company so that we can bill them appropriately.  


      If i understand what I am reading through the forum, I would use the following tables: Models, Venues, Clients, Events.  With Models being one to many with events, and venues, and clients being one to many with events and venues being one to many with events.  


      I would like to be able to generate a report that shows the dates and locations of events booked, including staffing, and allow an email to go to the staff when booked. 


      Do i have the relationships right?  Is there anything else I should consider (like paying someone to do this for us?)? 


      Any and all useful advice is appreciated, and can be reciprocated with lots of booze.  




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          There are number of us that offer our services as consultants. If you want to get an estimate on this, click my forum name and send me a private message...


          You should have another table between models and events. This would be your "booking" table and would list all models scheduled to appear at a given event.


          This is called a join table and enables a many to many relationship between your models and events tables. (In access you'd structure your tables the same way.)




          Models::ModelID = Bookings::ModelID

          Events::EventID = Bookings::EventID