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General Design Question

Question asked by disabled_rcmiller9 on Nov 13, 2013
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General Design Question


     FMP Advanced v12.0v5, Mac OS X 10.9. Windows 8


One of the purposes of my application is to track donations made to a local charity.  The primary tables are (1) DONORS (donor_id, name, address, city, etc.) and (2) related DONATIONS (donor_id, date, amount, type, etc.).  The charity administrators would also like to have historical data available.  Therefore, I need to provide a place to store or calculate monthly and annual totals over a period of two or three years for each donor.  And, I have to provide that capability into the future.


My first inclination is to create another related table called HISTORY which would include fields: donor_id, sepTotal, octTotal, novTotal, decTotal, 2013Total, etc.


My first question is: Is the additional table a good plan?  Or, would it be better to add these historical fields right on to the exiting DONOR table?  This historical data will not be used extensively; but, of course, it needs to be accurate and readily available.



My other questions are about defining these historical fields; but that can wait.