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General Filemaker advice needed - New user

Question asked by RobinSankey on Jul 14, 2011
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General Filemaker advice needed - New user


Hi guys,

This is my first post so I hope you don't consider it rude to be asking for loads of free advice straight off the bat, but I believe this is the best place for me to get the answers I need. :)

Basically we want to create a web-based ordering/job tracking system for our clients so they can select a standard task from a list - e.g. buying a server and they can enter the specific details about the job - location, timescales etc.
We would like this to be Stage 1
Once a job is entered we'd like an alert sent to say - their approvals team who can view the job and approve it - Stage 2
Another alert then sent to their scheduling team who can also rubberstamp it - Stage 3
Delivered to site - Stage 4
Comissioned - Stage 5 - you get the picture... These are all theoretical stages at this point in time.

One of the key requirements would be to be able to view a snapshot overview of all jobs and see by way of graphical tick boxes or coloured blocks exactly which stage each job is at.

At a couple of stages along the way it would be useful to create some paperwork as PDFs and email that out as well.

My understanding is that I would need FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server to get it online?

Is that correct? Is FileMaker capable of fulfilling my requirements?
Is there anything I should be mindful of when I start out?

I'd also like to integrate it with FileMaker Go but I assume all I need to do is test it with the App once it is built?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. :)