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    General Filemaker advice needed - New user



      General Filemaker advice needed - New user


      Hi guys,

      This is my first post so I hope you don't consider it rude to be asking for loads of free advice straight off the bat, but I believe this is the best place for me to get the answers I need. :)

      Basically we want to create a web-based ordering/job tracking system for our clients so they can select a standard task from a list - e.g. buying a server and they can enter the specific details about the job - location, timescales etc.
      We would like this to be Stage 1
      Once a job is entered we'd like an alert sent to say - their approvals team who can view the job and approve it - Stage 2
      Another alert then sent to their scheduling team who can also rubberstamp it - Stage 3
      Delivered to site - Stage 4
      Comissioned - Stage 5 - you get the picture... These are all theoretical stages at this point in time.

      One of the key requirements would be to be able to view a snapshot overview of all jobs and see by way of graphical tick boxes or coloured blocks exactly which stage each job is at.

      At a couple of stages along the way it would be useful to create some paperwork as PDFs and email that out as well.

      My understanding is that I would need FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server to get it online?

      Is that correct? Is FileMaker capable of fulfilling my requirements?
      Is there anything I should be mindful of when I start out?

      I'd also like to integrate it with FileMaker Go but I assume all I need to do is test it with the App once it is built?

      Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. :)

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          Depending on the number of users and how you publish to the web, you may need just FileMaker, FileMaker and FileMaker server (Custom web publishing only), FileMaker and FileMaker Server Advanced (Instant Web Publishing).

          You'll want to read up here on the product info pages to learn more about the capabilities of each. Also keep in mind that if you contract with a company that can publish the database to the web for you, all you need is FileMaker.so that you can develop and test the database before deploying it via the hosting services server.

          On paper, FileMaker can do all you describe, but the devil is truly in the details. I suggest downloading a trial copy of FileMaker so that you can get a good hands on idea of not only what it can do, but how well your particular skills and experience equip you to get this done. It will also be a very good idea to read the PDF document on web publishing that downloads with FileMaker and which can also be found in their downloads section. (Drill down to the documents area.)

          If you do decide to invest in this application, plan on investing some time using training tutorials, books and other resources to learn more about database design and how to use FileMaker. Also, make sure to get a single copy of FileMaker Advanced. Its development tools will save you hours of work and is well worth the added $$$.

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             Apologies for the delay in responding - I've been on annual leave.

            Thanks very much for the info - that's exactly what I was looking for. I will purchase a copy of Filemaker Pro Advanced and let you know how I get on with it. :0)