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General FileMaker Pro Questions..

Question asked by z0nghits on Jan 11, 2010
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General FileMaker Pro Questions..


I currently am developing software that uses database data from an excel spreadsheet.  I have written it in both VB6 and Labview but would like to see if FileMaker is a better route to go.  Basically my software needs to be able to do the following:


- Upon loading, user selects which US State they want to select, which will select a certain Excel spreadsheet database to work from. 

- User enters how many "jobs" they want to do

- Based on that jobs number, Diplays that many Tabs all containing a datagrid which will basically act as a subset of the main Database

- User will navigate through the Main database, and pick and choose which records they want to add to the smaller Tab'd datafields

- User can save all their data, re-load it at anytime, and also export it to PDF/HTML 


The following image is my current software, at the top is the main Plant database they choose from.  Below, are other datagrids they can transfer records onto from the main database.  


Is this idea possible in the realm of FileMaker?  Also, if  I develop and publish software using FileMaker Pro, can't it run on both Apple and Windows or does it needs to be rewritten/modified in Bento?


Any input is appreciated.