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    General Knowledge for a newbie



      General Knowledge for a newbie


      I am brand new to Filemaker. Haven't even downloaded the 30 day trial yet. Can anyone just confirm that I can create an actual data model that I've designed in Filemaker? Meaning, I want to create tables in a database, with their relationships, and then do the front end forms? I understand there are pre made templates and solutions I could start with too, and maybe add tables to those starter solutions?


      Thanks in advance

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          FileMaker Pro is a Database Development Tool that you can use to create solutions based on a data model of your design or you can take an existing file, such as one of the Starter Solution templates and modify it's design to suit your needs.

          Your reference to a "front end" suggests that you may have set up systems where the data was in one file and the interface in another. This is possible to set up in FileMaker, but there's no built in tool to "split" the file. It's not hard to do that split, but how you'd do it will not be obvious to you when you start.

          I suggest downloading the trial copy and investigating how it works. After you've gained a certain level of understanding, you can check out this thread for one way to "split" a FileMaker database into interface and data files: Convert to Seperation Model

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            OK thank you. I'll download and investigate. As long as I can create tables and track the data I need, I don't really care if it's separated into files etc.  Thanks for your time.