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    General question



      General question


      I would like to accomplish the following: I need a system which will let me keep info on individual clients to include photos, standardized info forms (hopefully created in Filemaker Pro), serially entered progress notes, and also a feature which will alert me when clients are at selected timeframe points so they can be sent updates, or appt reminders. Will filepro be able to accomplish this?

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          OS version?  Filemaker version?  Your experience level?

          Yes it can.

          Every thing about a client that happens once (clientIDnumber, photo, name, address, etc)  would be in the client table.

          The notes can be a notefield that is timestamped and appended to the top of a NOTESfield in the client Table.

          Or the notes can be separate records in a Notes Table that relates to the clientIDNumber. 

          If something happens more than once (appointments, notices)should be in a separate appointment Table related to clientIDnumber.