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General question about resource planning task on FM

Question asked by Stu412 on May 28, 2015
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General question about resource planning task on FM


I've used FM to put together a task management tool which sits on a calendar.  Tasks are assigned to staff and the number of hours the task is expected to take is entered, along with a deadline date.

Alongside this, each member of staff has a 'weekly hours resource', let's say 40 hours per week.  This means they can have 40 hours worth of task assigned to them in a week.

What I'm trying to do next may not even be a Filemaker question, but if anybody has done similar I'd love to hear from you.  

I want to be able to measure on a calendar month basis how successful a staff member has been at completing tasks to deadline.  

The big question I'm wondering at the moment is 'If a task takes 5 days, but the final 3 days are in a different month to the first 2, which month is best to record the success levels in?'  I also want to be able to see the percentage of overall staff resource available in a month, but again this begs the question, do we use the start date of a task, the end date or if the task spans two months, split it somehow???

As I say, perhaps not technically an FM question, but I'm wondering if anyone else has covered this?