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General Question:   Repurposing scripts

Question asked by ijontichy on Nov 16, 2012
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General Question:   Repurposing scripts


     I have several automation scripts that I use and which call on and work with specific tables, but mostly a MAIN table where I'm tracking lots of little changes as users manipulate the data.   This table represents one project, essentially.   We'll call the table Project A.

     But I'd like to have Project B in the same database and I'd love it if there were an easy way to duplicate scripts and automatically replace the many call outs to Project A's table with Project B's.

     Or if there were a way to script steps such that the Table in question was part of the calculation, that would make it easy.

     Is there something that would allow me to work this way?    I know that a database report will export script steps as text and I could find/replace, but how do I then get them back into the system as scripts?

     Seems like there should be an easier way and I simply don't know it.   Thank you in advance.