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Question asked by ChrisO'Halloran on Jan 7, 2011
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General Questions



I have just downloaded the trial version of filemaker pro 11. I run a small business from home (Project Management Consultancy and contractor). I am fairly green with creating DB, so please bear with me.

I am looking at Filemaker Pro to manage all aspects of my business and projects things like;

  • Client contacts and CRM
  • Invoicing and invoice tracking
  • expenses and P&L
  • Project Templates and information
  • etc etc etc

For productivity reasons, I would like as much of the database to be relational. 

Some general questions;

  1. Is it better to have 1 database with all the different tables required for relationships? or is it best practice to have separate databases for different information sets?
  2. I have many PM templates in word and excel format - Is it possible to re create these in filemaker and input information into a database rather than a blank document that I normally would? Will this provide any benefit or added value?

  • Many of the PM templates are "live" documents and will need to be updated through the life of the project.

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