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    General Questions



      General Questions



      I have just downloaded the trial version of filemaker pro 11. I run a small business from home (Project Management Consultancy and contractor). I am fairly green with creating DB, so please bear with me.

      I am looking at Filemaker Pro to manage all aspects of my business and projects things like;

      • Client contacts and CRM
      • Invoicing and invoice tracking
      • expenses and P&L
      • Project Templates and information
      • etc etc etc

      For productivity reasons, I would like as much of the database to be relational. 

      Some general questions;

      1. Is it better to have 1 database with all the different tables required for relationships? or is it best practice to have separate databases for different information sets?
      2. I have many PM templates in word and excel format - Is it possible to re create these in filemaker and input information into a database rather than a blank document that I normally would? Will this provide any benefit or added value?

      • Many of the PM templates are "live" documents and will need to be updated through the life of the project.

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          Chris, for me, I would keep everything within 1 database with various table occurrences which would all be related in one way or another. Your templates can be recreated in Filemaker and would be updated in real time as you reference them. If you need to send any of the templates (layouts) to others via inline documents using email, you will need a plugin to do so, or send them as a pdf attachment.

          When you have more thoughts or questions, please ask.