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General Suggestion To User Groups around the USA (and world)

Question asked by MstrPBK on Jun 9, 2009
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General Suggestion To User Groups around the USA (and world)


I really need to get this off my mind ...


Some years ago (2007) I attempted to attend the local Minneapolis and St. Paul Filemaker Pro User group.  Being that I am disabled I am also dependent on local bus service or the kindness of someones  transportation.  The group, at the time, was not on a bus line but was close enough to get a neighbor to take me to the meetings on a semiragular basis.  October came and the area was hit by a nightmarish flood.  The building they were using I am quite sure wes condemned because of level of the flooding.


After life settled down I tracked them down the group again. :smileymad:  Much to my disgust I found that they had moved - but not to a location ON a bus line but rather MUCH Further off the bus system and was noticeably further away (the later I cannot control).  I reluctantly gave up trying to attend.


I would like to give Filemaker Pro groups encouragement to seek locations where it is reachable by local BUS and is accessible in general.  Even the most active member of your group might be disabled for either a short term or for the rest of their lives.


Now ... if I could only find someone locally who would be willing to meet me where I can get to on a regular basis.


There that is off my mind ... 


Peter Kelley / MstrPBK

St. Paul, MN USA