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Generate a Random Number

Question asked by JakeH on Jan 28, 2013
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Generate a Random Number




     I'm in need of some help.

     Could someone send me a database or tell me a way to do this im quite new to filemaker but i love it.



     generate - Will have the random number and intial into it.

     used - Will contain the random number and intial (e.g. JH748574) so it cant ever be generated again

     data - Will contain data about the user and also the random number and intial (e.g. JH748574)



     id - Field name for the random number and intial (e.g. JH748574)


     I need to create a database where i can enter an intial into a box (e.g. JH) then i press a button that generates and 6 digit random number and then it combines the intial box with random number generator box to generate a code like this (e.g. JH748574).

     Then once that number has been generated put it in 2 different tables (used and data)

     The id's in used must never be generated again from the generated  (how can this be done?)

     The id's in the data table will be put into the id field but these need to be in a list.

     (e.g.               id                         name                      nickname)

                     JH748574                Jake                         Fluggey

     Thanks Jake.