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Generate a serial number for records print out

Question asked by Yman on Jan 24, 2010
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Generate a serial number for records print out


Hello all, i am a newbie using FM10, i hope i can get some idea or assit for my current project.


For my current stage, i am designing a document log for my company, at this time, i would like to ask how to generate a serial number in the record print out?


I have a database of document with its ref. no., i created a layout for printing out the document logsheet, that mean when there was a new document, 1st input the document information in database and then print out the log sheet for record. But sometimes, there would be several new document have to be included on the same logsheet with a logsheet serial number. How can i do that?


one document -> logsheet with serial number(X)

several document -> logsheet with serial number(X+1)