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Generate invoice from Time records

Question asked by Cuelliam on Jan 7, 2015
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Generate invoice from Time records


Can you help me adapt a filemaker database that was written many years ago to FM13?

We are a service business and bill clients for our time, there are no products involved.
I have a file where employees enter their time. Fields are: 
Date    Job Number   Client   Activity   Time   Rate   Total

I need to generate invoices from the records in this file. I’ve created a second table called Invoices. What is the best way to find all the time posted to a particular job number, sorted by activity? Should this be in the same file with 2 tables or in 2 separate files?

Invoice detail needs to show a dollar figure for each activity within the job, for example:


–Proofing . . . $00.00 (total dollar figure of all employees who did proofing on this job number)
–Research. . . $00.00 (total dollar figure of all employees who did Research on this job number)
–GRAND TOTAL of all proofing + research for this job number