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Generate new set of record including multiple records

Question asked by JillX on Jun 19, 2012
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Generate new set of record including multiple records


I have a calculation table C, where I got fields: Factory, Model, Price

In most cases one factory produce more than one model, and I need to make new orders and keep records of orders.

For example, in table C:

Factory   Model

A             aa1

A             aa2

B             bb1

B             bb2

When I make order, I will first select factory, and I need to see all models under the same factory, then I will enter quantity for each model and a total price will be calculated.

After entering, all records will be save like following format in Table Order:

Factory  Model  Qty  Total

A             aa1   5       10

A             aa2   10     30


I tried the link Phil sent me before, In this case, one ID reflects one product. How can I see all models in one layout linked with one factory and save all records?

Thank you!