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generate relationship upon matching text entered?

Question asked by x94bp6ru6 on Apr 30, 2010
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generate relationship upon matching text entered?


Say for example I have two tables in each are


Table one (product details)


serailNO    productName   productIntro   productCode  etc..... other details



Table two (for shipment)


serailNO    productName   productIntro   productCode  etc.....  contacts and so on



right now, I'm using the easiest method which simply create relationship between tables using serail number,  and product names and codes are set to "look up" from table one.

But i'm wondering is there a way I can have =>  Entering in either field, and the other fileds automatically look up corresponding data from table one  ?  'cause sometime you just can't remember ID for every product thus I have to find it.


thank you for advance