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    Generate Secondary Serial Number



      Generate Secondary Serial Number


           Hi all!

           I am working on a database managing people and projects. Each person gets a unique ID no. when they are first entered into the DB, but for certain projects, we need to generate a second unique and sequential ID for these people if they are assigned there. Ideally, I would love to have a button to press in the contacts DB that would generate this number. So far i have tried using Max( SecondaryID ) + 1, but it starts at one on every record. At this point there will not be more than one person at a time accessing the DB, but I would like to have that possibility available in the future.



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               And is it that this number starts at one for the group of people linked to a specific project?

               If so, how have you set up your relationships to link a people record to a project record?

               Max( SecondaryID ) + 1 will always return 1 if SecondaryID is zero or empty as this syntax only references the value of SecondaryID in the current record.

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                 That makes sense. The SecondaryID is not project specific, rather it is assigned if someone is working on one specific type of project. You can think of it as a security clearance ID, saying that if someone is assigned to a confidential project, they must be assigned a clearance ID.

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                   And can the same person be assigned to more than one "type"? If so, how would that affect these serial number values?

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                     No. There is only one type. Globally, each person gets a serial number automatically when they are added to the database, and then if at any point they are assigned to a confidential project, they need to be assigned a second SecurityID. 

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                       So you have one and only one additional serial number series? Out of curiosity, why does it need to be sequential?

                       Here's one method you could set up.

                       MainTable::__pkMainTableID = ConfidentialSerial::_fkMainTableID

                       __pkMainTableID is your original auto-entered serial number. Define a field, __pkConfidentialSerialID as the secondary auto-entered serial number.

                       IN the above relationship, enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for ConfidentialSerial.

                       Then, whenever you need to assign someone a Confidential Serial number, use this one line script:

                       Set Field [ConfidentialSerial::_fkMainTableID ; MainTable::__pkMainTableID ]

                       This creates a new related record in ConfidentialSerial and that new record auto-enters the next serial number in that sequence. Please note that if a related record already exists, and thus the person already has this serial number, no change in your data takes place.