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Generated PDFs do not render correctly in Google Docs

Question asked by conor on Jan 29, 2010
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Generated PDFs do not render correctly in Google Docs


An interesting problem was brought to my attention from a user today. He was sending quotes via FileMaker email functionality with an attached PDF also generated by FileMaker.

The customer complained that the quote was blank, it was a gmail account so I had a look myself and he was right.


Google Docs is used to view attachments, and although our PDF image and table outline was visible, no text was visible.


Exporting/Downloading the document from gmail and using PDF showed the document correctly in Adobe Reader and Foxit.


I had a look on the google forums and the only thing I could see that may have been a problem was the fonts, so I did a quick test and set the font to Times New Roman on the FileMaker layoutit made no difference.


Anyone else seen/heard/experienced this?

I would love to know what I can do if anything. It may equally be a Goggle Docs issue of course but I reckoned I would post here first.


FileMaker Pro/Advanced & Server 10.0v3

Windows 7