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    Generating a excel like report



      Generating a excel like report



           I have a database whereby our clients activity in each Country is displayed per record.

           I now need to inset a large number of records and associate this with each Country record. The problem that I have encountered is that the new data is only being displayed on a per record basis, I need it to show in a table similar to excel.

           Example, currently I can only see 1 Invoice number that relates to the specific record, instead of 28 that relate to the specific Country record.


           My question is, is there a way to create a portal/table that acts like Excel and will show all the lines that I have imported instead of one?


           Many thanks,



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               A screenshot would be helpful.  A few ideas--I guess printing it in table view doesn't help? Keeping in mind if you right-click any of the top labels you can do some ad hoc sorting and reporting.

                What did you try with a report layout?  Have you tried using a report layout without the body part, using only sub-summary parts?  Have you investigated cross-tab reporting?

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                 If you have linked your two tables, Country and Invoices in the correct relationship, you have two options:

                 On Country you can add a portal to Invoices to list all invoices that are linked to that country

                 On Invoices, you can set up a list or table view layout that includes fields from both country and invoices.

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                   I have a similar question. I have managed to add sales data to each customer (main table) by "time of sale" and "actual sales" in a portal. Each record contains time of sale and sales in a horizontal fashion (i.e. by record). However, my colleagues are used to seeing aggregated data in a vertical fashion like in an Excel sheet: time of sale as one column heading and right next to it sales as another column heading.

                   I tried Reports to aggregate data but they come below each other and cannot be put next to each other, I suspect because of the nature records work. So I wonder how I can get an Excel like view? The obvious choice is to add for every customer a new field for every new time of sale and new sale but that cannot not be the solution. 

                   Thanks for any suggestion.


              The issue:


                   season 1 sale 1

                   season 2 sale 2


                   season 1      season 2

                   sale 1           sale 2