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    Generating a report



      Generating a report


           Hello i am a quiet the Filemaker novice, but slowly getting what I need to accomplish done. 

           What is causing me difficulties currently is the report im attempting to create. 

           On the main layout where majority of data is displayed i'll have up to 5000 records. 
           These records all represent cattle. 
           They come from a variety of different vendors (previous owners). 
           When we recieve the animals they have a NVD with them (piece of paper with an individual number, a packing slip for transport for lack of a better description).
           This along with the type (male, female, young female) and other details are imported onto the main layout.

           The report im trying to generate, will look something like this.

           Type (all of this type)
                     NVD       Vendor         Total on NVD
                     NVD       Vendor         Total on NVD     

           Type (all of this type)
                     NVD       Vendor         Total on NVD
                     NVD       Vendor         Total on NVD     

           For example


                     111       Bob         5
                     333       Jane        11     

                     111       Bob         6
                     222       Jill        12     


           I can get it to generate the report on a basic level, where i encounter problems is when their is both Males and females on the same NVD. 

           If there is both males and females it wont populate both Type subsections of the report correctly. 

           There is only ever one vendor per NVD, but can be multiple types. 

           I hope i have given you enough detail to assist me in fixing my problem.


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               "PackingSlip" is the key concept to hold on to here. You have one NVD for an entire shipment of animals and so one NVD lists mulitple animals. What you need are Two tables linked in a relationship:


               NVD::__pkNVD_ID = Animals::_fkNVD_ID

               With that relationship you can put a portal to Animals on your NVD layout. When you receive a new shipment of animals, create a new record in NVD for it and list each animal in the portal to Animals.

               Now you can get your summary report to work if you base it on the Animals layout instead of NVD.

               See this tutorial on Summary Reports: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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                 Thanks for the help, i think im getting closer. 

                 However if i base the Report off the Animals Layout instead of NVD then I have 4500 lines of data within the report. A line for each animal, 
                 instead of a line of data for each NVD within each Type. What am i missing here. 


                 Thanks again for helping me through this. 

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                   Take a closer look at end of the tutorial for summary reports. By removing the body layout part and replacing it with a sub summary layout part, you can get one row of data for each sorted group of animal records.