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Generating a Report - creating a PDF and emailing

Question asked by TomCichowicz on Feb 8, 2014
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Generating a Report - creating a PDF and emailing


     I've developed a Departmental Work Order system for a 24/7 operation.

       This system creates Work Orders via a web interface or FMGo - and These works orders are approved by the department head or supervisors. Once the work orders are approved they appear on a large monitor listed in priority and date due.

       As the jobs/work orders are completed - the staff member assigned logs in to the system via web client, and completes the work order, detailing what work was completed, parts required, time spent, etc... then marks the job complete and the jobs no longer appears on the  list (large monitor).

     What use to be done, is a shift log was filled out by each staff member, hence recording his daily tasks ... then he would mail that log out to a distribution mailing list.

     I'm trying to eliminate this last step of needing to manually document a log and mail it out.

     I would like to run a report automatically at the end of each shift - detailing all the work orders submitted & completed. I would prefer a PDF format and have that be emailed out to the same distribution mailing list.


     My question is... I'm still very green using FMP - and have never tried anything like this. I'm wondering how to begin. I'm sure it involves writing a script that takes care of this. I just don't know how it would be triggered, and even how it would be constructed to do such a task. ???