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Generating a report based on a query

Question asked by valeriorrrr on Feb 7, 2012
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Generating a report based on a query


Hi, I have multiple tables: Clients, Invoices, Buyings. A client can have multiple invoices, each invoice can contain multiple buyings, each one has a specific day.

I'd like to create a report that groups all the buyings for a specific invoice (and so a specific client) grouped by the day they have been done. I'd like to have a structure like this to be printed:

ClientName Invoice Number


                  buying1 att1 att2 att3

                  buying2 att1 att2 att3

                  buying3 att1 att2 att3


                  buying4 att1 att2 att3

                  buying5 att1 att2 att3


My problem is that I cannot achieve this layout when I try to create a simple report and sometimes it show more than the records I need, how can I just query my sistem for a specific invoice? Do I have to create some script? I'd also like to query some Buyings in order not to make them all appear in the report