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    Generating a summary report



      Generating a summary report


      So I pretty much have my head wrapped around creating simple report layouts using summary fields and sub-summary parts and so on. However, I'd like to create a simple, one-page "comprehensive report" layout that summarizes information that at the moment I generate on several separate report layouts. 

      For example, suppose you have a dog walking company and you keep a database to track your activities each day.  You might track DATE, TIME, TYPE OF DOG, HOME COMMUNITY and TYPES OF TREATS GIVEN.   By creating summary fields I can COUNT the number of different types of dog, or the number of dogs per community etc. and generate count reports for each: "Summary by dog type" or "summary by community."

      But is there a way to create a single document that says from date X to date Y, "I walked so many of this type of dog, and so many of that type of dog"; and on the same page/layout also have "I walked this many dogs in this community and this many in that community" and so on??

      I hope that makes sense.  Anyway... suggestions??

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          You aren't really walking dogs are you? Try restating your question using the actual project you are working on. When you generalize like this from an abstract version of your question, we run the risk of suggesting a solution that fits the abstract version perfectly but does not work with the actual project you are working on.

          So if you have 10 records in your found set and they include multiple records with German Shepherd, Rotweiler, Yorkie and Toy Poodle, you want to see this report?

          German Shepard   2
          Rotweiler              3
          Yorkie                  4
          Toy Poodle            1

          without listing the individual records?

          If so, use a sub summary report sorted by dog type with a summary field in it to count the records, but delete the body layout part from the layout. This produces a report with lines of data produced solely from sub summary parts. Please note that this approach cannot produce the following report example:

          German Shepard   2
          Rotweiler              3
          Yorkie                  4
          Toy Poodle            1
          Golden Retriever    0

          A different approach would be needed for that type of report. (Where 0 counts are included.)

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            Ha... no, not walking dogs but it's practically identical concept.  Call the dogs patients, the walks transports and the treats medications and you'd be on the right track. 

            Basically what I want to generate is a one-page report document for a user-specified date range that will produce:


            During the period Jan 1, 2000 to Dec 31, 2000:

                  Golden retreivers 1

                  Labs                   2

                  Rottweilders        4


                  Dogs walked in Thomasville 1

                  Dogs walked in Richardville  3

                  Dogs walked in Harryville     3


                  4 dogs liked Milkbones

                  2 dogs liked Dentisticks

                  1 doge like my shoe


            I can generate each of the 3 above groups of information on individual summary reports, but is there a way to put them all on one page... basically a way without using a Report Layout I guess. 

            Hope that makes better sense??   It may be an unreasonable expectation... but this is what I have been asked to produce.   :?

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              The problem with trying to put all this on the same layout is that it requires you to count the same patient multiple times. Once by type, once by location and once by medication.

              This is not totally impossible to do, but it's not simple. Portals can be used for each list (or all but one list that is still presented ala summary report format), provided you can make this work by specifying portals with large numbers of portal rows and setting them to slide up and resize the enclosing part. Relationships involving related tables plus (maybe) portal filters control what data appears in each portal. This is an approach with some real limitations, however as you can't slide/shrink fields within the portal and if you ever get more portal rows than the max size of your portal, the additional rows don't appear in your layout.

              You can also stay with your separate layouts, but use a script with Save as PDF to generate a PDF of each layout and merge them into a single PDF file. This can be pretty elegant in many cases, but each section will start on a new page and it takes a bit of creativity to number the pages.

              A third alternative can be to generate temporary records in a report table. (This allows you to generate multiple records for each patient so that you can count them more than once). This can provide the most flexibility, but can also require a very complex layout design with a very complex report table and significant delays while waiting for these records to be created in the report table.

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                Hmm... that's kinda what I thought.  Thanks for the ideas though.  I think I'll pursue the self-appending PDF route.