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Generating a Total within a Portal

Question asked by JonathanCoulter on Feb 16, 2015
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Generating a Total within a Portal


I have two tables for making a widget.  The first table contains general information on the widget.  The second table consists of each item required as well as how many of each are needed to make the widget.  Each item is in its own record.

I have a relationship set up between the two, based on the widget's stock number.  I am NOT using any filter on the portal records.  Each widget is correctly showing only those items required, so I'm assuming I have the relationship filter set up correctly.  All this is functioning correctly.

Now, I want a total of the number of pieces needed.  So if I need 5 of piece #1, 2 of piece #2, and 10 of piece #3 I want it to show a total number of pieces required of 17.

I have created a summary field in the item table to total on the quantity field.  I have placed this within the bounds of the portal, and have also tried creating a duplicate portal.  In both cases, my "summary" is only giving me the quantity of the first record showing in the portal.  Obviously I want to total all the records listed in the portal.

I have also tried using a calculation field, but the result is identical ... only the quantity from the first is showing.

The portal is on a tab if that makes any difference.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the help!