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Generating Customized Reports

Question asked by AmericanPrinting on Aug 14, 2012
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Generating Customized Reports


I work in a print shop where we have a FM Pro database serving as our Job Scheduler. Each job has an entry with all the specifications, as well as dates for each department (data entry, design, printing, bindery, packaging, pricing). Some of the departments have multiple functions (there are 13 Bindery tasks that a job could go through). Each function has its own date. 

How do I generate a report for each employee in the shop which shows only those tasks that they are responsible for on any given day - on one sheet of paper? What I'm looking for is a "master to-do list" for each person in the shop.

I tried generating a new layout, but am having trouble getting all 13 bindery steps onto one sheet of paper with ONLY things listed which have bindery for that day. For example, Job A has to Cut 1, Pad White, and Cut 2. Cut 1 is scheduled for 8/14/12. Pad White is scheduled for 8/15/12. Cut 2 is scheduled for 8/16/12. When I make a bindery layout and search for the date 8/14/12 (to get today's to do list), the Pad White and Cut 2 show up with their dates as well as the Cut 1 for 8/14/12 that I was looking for (because they're part of the same job, I guess).

Any thoughts on how to get around this?


I can make this work if I print out a different layout for each step in Bindery, but then I have 13 pieces of paper, which is rather difficult to use. Our Bindery tech ends up rewriting her own list every day, which takes too much time.