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    Generating Fields



      Generating Fields



      I am creating a grading database where one table has the questions and the second table is the scorecard. In the questions table there are question numbers, questions, question ID and comment. I would like to use the question numbers in this table as fields in the scorecard table. So, the field names are the question numbers that were entered in the questions table. That way I can enter the score for each item for each student. How can this be done?


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          Best suggestion I can think of is not to do it that way. Create a separate record in the scorecard for each question in the questions table. To display the scoring for a given person being graded, you pull up the matching set of score card records for that student, sorted by the question number.

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            Could you set up the tables like this

            Questions  >Scorecard<   Students

            QuestionID = QuestionID

            Question#  = Question#

                                 StudentID   = StudentID


            You should then be able to view the scores for each student on a particular question or for each question by a particular student dependiong on how you set up the layout.