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    Generating form email



      Generating form email


      I'd like to create a report that sends out a form email to a group of users.  I can define the group no problem, and I've created the form email... but it looks like I'm only able to send the email as a PDF attachment.  I'd like it to just be the body of an email.  Is that possible?  I've been using this program for not quite 24 hours yet, so forgive me if this seems like a newbie question.  That's only because it is.


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          What limitation are you encountering that leads you to conclude that you can only send it as a PDF attachment?

          This could indeed be the case, but it depends on exactly what you need to do.

          Emails from FileMaker are plain text so sometimes you have to choose between:

          a) use a simpler plain text form of output to put what is needed into the body of the email.

          b) attach a PDF

          c) acquire an email plug in and learn how to use it to generate HTML formatted emails that produce the results that you need.