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generating logical record numbers, phone numbers, etc.

Question asked by owen_1 on Mar 24, 2013
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generating logical record numbers, phone numbers, etc.


     Although I used Filemaker when it was a flat file report system, I'm many years removed from doing any programming.  I'm now retired and volunteer helping several small charities get their paper files organized.  Filemaker is very good, but  I'm effectively a neophyte again.  I went looking for features like phone number formatting, name parsing to allow building a logical case identfier and similar functions, (basic spreadsheet functions) but they apparently don't exist within the program itself.  

     To come up with answers, I find it painful to have to work through all the forums, help files and all the online pdf "documentation".  Which leads me to my real question.  With so many aftermarket books to choose from, what's the best reference book for a new user with Filemaker 12?