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Generating new data within FMP13

Question asked by LightningAd on Apr 15, 2014
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Generating new data within FMP13


     Being a very green newbie to developing a dbase, i'm not quite sure what the correct terminology is for many of the things i want to achieve, so apologies in advance if this request gets confusing....


     I want to create a database that i can enter specific details for an overall "parent brand", then using various generic fields in that Parent generate individual files for specific versions.

     I make tv ads, and have one master ad, then 5 variations each with a different tag for the stores that sell the product. Each ad will use a large amount of repeated data, but each will also need to have its own unique data. (Each needs a unique clock in the format " ABC/DEFG123/020", as well as keeping track of which stations have copies for transmission, and approvals, etc)

     I want to be able to use a checkbox to select the variations i need, then at the click of a button have FMP generate a new entry for each selection, along with a unique Clock Number (It needs to check that there has not been an identical clock generated previously, and if so, create a unique new one), and fields for adding relevant info later on.

     Can anyone give me any pointers or hints at what i need to research to figure this out? 

     I realise this is probably way above my abilities, but if you dont try, you dont learn!