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Generating overdue Notices

Question asked by OscarPascal on May 9, 2011


Generating overdue Notices


Hi folks,

I very recently began using FMP 11. I used the lending library starter solution to create a simple database for a student book library. Everything on there is great.

My only problem is that I want it to generate printable overdue notices to give to an individual student's parents and what I have set up generates a letter for every student in the book's checkout history or a letter for every book in the library. I created a layout for the notice and I have also put the notice's body in a text field. The notice should display the book title and the student's name. I don't know what kind of script I should put together. I looked at other scripts and buttons, but I don't see anything I could copy/paste and edit to serve that purpose.There's a table for students, books, and history.

I only see help articles that tell me to create a new layout/report and use merge fields.

Thanks in advance.