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    Generating reports



      Generating reports


      Hello everyone,


      I really appreciate everyone's help with all my questions. This is a huge help foe newbie like me.




      a field in the database includes a list of all our case managers and and a calendar. I need to generate a report that will tell the manager how many patients have been assigned to a certain case manager. I can't get it to work.


      I also need reports for totals but the fields have yes no radio buttons and it is totaling both yes and no together.


      Help please. 

      Thanks so much 

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          Do you have a table with Case Managers and one with Patients?  And what do the radio buttons represent?  What is the calendar - is it a date field?


          We need a lot more information about how you are structured - tables involved, their relationships, field names etc.  

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            I have a field for the patients name, a field for case managers and a field for a drop down calendar. They are all in the same database.


            I have one database for the patients, one for case manager but this another database. It is a referral log and the patients names are automatcally populated from the patients database, same for case managers. I just need to generate a report telling the manager how many patients each case manager is assigned.


            Thanks for your help.

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              As you read this suggestion, create the new layout right along while you read it ... it'll make much more sense if you do.


              Create a columnar list layout with grouped data and select ‘include subtotal’.  Specify your fields and then Organize (and sort) by Case Manager.  On the next screen, click 'specify' Subtotals:  Specify summary and open the pop-up at the top and click ‘manage database.’   Create a field called sCountPatients.  Type of field will be summary and you will select Count of Patient.  When back at the ‘New Layout’ dialog, click ‘Add Subtotal’ button under ‘Category to summarize by: Case Manager.’


              Notice that FM displays how the report will group (when you are in the Organize By section) over on the right and you can categorize by more than one field.  After selecting your theme and header/footer information, let FM create the script for you.  This is because it MUST be sorted by each category you specify (in this instance Case Manager).


              You didn’t indicate how radio button should be grouped or totaled or whether it was a different report.  You may want all 'yes' radio button grouped and then by Case Manager and count those Patients.  If so, simply specify both fields in the 'Organize by' section then duplicate that count of patients summary field and place it in both leading parts (the Case Manager AND the radio button).  Or select your summary field again (in the Specify Subtotals section) and select the radio button in the 'Category to Summarize by' section and place that summary field again in the section below.


              The main thing is that you must sort in exactly the order of your leading parts.  So if radio button is first  and then Case Manager, sort it that way as well.  Let us know if you get stuck but I think you'll find the Report Assistant (when you create a new layout) is quite fun to work with once you've created a few!

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                I could not get that to work. Let me explain better- the bigger is- number of pts assign to cae managers at this time.


                Here is what I have:


                I have mulitiple database and this one is a referral log

                it has lots of different fields (Examples are- pt last names-pt first names-medical identification number- adults peds (which is a radio button with adult Peds)-Face to Face (which is a radio button with yes no)-date of intial screen (which is a calender)- case Managers (which is a drop down list).


                In find mode- I put in date which I enter 07/*/09 and select a case manager from the list and FM tells me it found 6 records. I need a report to tell me that. (the case managers name and the numbert of records it found)


                Thank you so much. I am pulling my hair out with all of this.

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                     I need it to be by month also. Thanks again. :smileyhappy:
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                    "I could not get that to work" tells me nothing.

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                      I need it to tell me how many patients are assigned for a particular month and it is giving all patients in every month.


                      also every time I change a sort in the main layout it affects the report.

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                        Create a calculation called cMonthYear (result is date) with:  yourDate - Day ( YourDate ) + 1.  This will give you a generic 'first day of month' for every record.  You haven't said how your report should group yet.  But if you want by month and then by Case Manager, it would have two leading parts (organize by cMonthYear and then by Case Manager).  And as I said is critical, then sort your report by these same fields, first by cMonthYear nd then by Case Manager).


                        As I explained as well, let FM create the script for you so it includes the critical sort so that, when your script switches to that report layout and before it enters Preview Mode, it will sort it properly.  In the leading sub-summary part where your cMonthYear field is placed, select that field and go to its date format.  Change it to display only month year as July, 2009 instead of full date.

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                          Hi everyone


                          Pardon my ignorance. I have just started using File Maker. I want to create customized letters from the database of patients. Database contains the details of the patients and details of the treatment they had and also the details of their GPs. I want to create a template where I can send a standard letter to GP about the treatment patients had. Where can I start?

                          Thanks for your help



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                            Thank you for your post.


                            In your layout, use the Text tool to enter static text.  Use a field to enter text that will change for each record.  You can create calculation fields that put fields and text together.


                            For example, using the Text tool, you can enter:


                            Dear Sir:


                            Using the Text tool and a field, you can enter:


                            Dear <<GP>>:


                            (where GP is the name of the GP)


                            You can also have a calculation field with the formula = "Dear " & GP & ":" 

                            Then, place this field on the layout.


                            This should give you a start.



                            FileMaker, Inc.