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    Generating Reports?



      Generating Reports?


           Two months ago, I was put in charge of using Filemaker Pro to keep my office's databases, using a system set up by someone else (who doesn't work for/at/near our office).  Found lots of help in the forums when I was learning FMP initially, but I need more!

           We use FMP to keep track of members of our organization (in a layout called "members," which has a field for "registration date," among other things) and how often these members come in to use our facilities (in a layout called "timetracker," which gets a new entry for every time each member comes in).  The person who set up the database created a few reports that tell me which memberships are expiring soon, which members come each month (and what they're doing while they're here), and a few other things that aren't really related to this question.

           I'm currently trying to generate a report that shows me which members have registered and not visited the facilities in their first month of membership (so we can follow up with them).  If possible, I'd also like it to show members who may have been coming regularly in the past but haven't been in lately (1+ month).  I've had a few ideas about how to do it, but at the end of the day, I don't really know what I'm doing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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               You appear to have this relationship:


               Members::__pkMemberID = Tracking::_fkMemberID

               If so, then the following calculation: Tracking::DateOfVisit - Members::DateRegistered will compute the number of days between their registration date the first date logged in Tracking. (This assumes an unsorted relationship between members and tracking)

               So you could set up a calculation field in Members with this calcualtion and then perform a find with > 30 specified as find criteria in this field to find all people who have not yet logged a first visit or that have a first visit that was 30 or more days after their registration date. Additional criteria can be used to filter out members with registration dates less than 30 days old so that this does find recently added members.

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                 I think I understand what you're saying, but for some reason, when I put that calculation field into my members database, it's turning up blank.  Is there a chance that my relationship is messed up?  I have Members::Full Name=TimeTracker::Full Name as my only relationship between the layouts.  thank you for trying to help me!

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                   That relationship should not result in a blank field. Did you use a field of type calculation or a number field with an auto-entered calculation. If you used an auto-entered calculation, change the field type to calcualtion.

                   I do not, however, recommend that you match records by the full name field. Names are not unique, people change their names and names are vulnerable to data entry errors. Matching records by an ID field (auto-entered serial number) is much safer and avoids these issues with member names for the most part.