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Generating SKU number with filemaker.

Question asked by Davidjun on Jan 21, 2014
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Generating SKU number with filemaker.


     I am trying to implement filemaker with my small ecommerce business to manage inventory and product catalog.

     We have been using Vlookup in excel to generate Sku where first and letter few letter represent the category color and size of the item. For example a small Red T shirt would be T1001RS (Tshirt item number 1001 Red Small). I want filemaker to create SKU when I input required fields. 

     I can't figure out what the best way to do this. I am new to filemaker. I have been watching lessons on Lynda but can't quiet figure this one out.

     I tried creating a tables for Category Size and Color and for each table two fields one for the actual value corresponding code for the SKU. I am drawing a blank after that. 

     I appreciate any help I could get.


     Thank you



     Please help.