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generating specific unique alphanumeric codes, and checking for duplicates?

Question asked by LightningAd on Apr 23, 2012
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generating specific unique alphanumeric codes, and checking for duplicates?


I tried this around four years ago in version 8,and the results were average to disappointing, but i have stuck with it because my brain was starting to rebel!

However, I have just got version 12 and thought it a good time to try re-write my database in a more useable format.

The big problem i have always had is generating and then checking for duplicates of a large 13 character code that i need to associate with each entry. The code is a "clock number" and is used in the broadcast industry to identify tv ads.

The code needs to have a very specific format  XXX/YYYY123/999 . The first 3 XXX = my agency code usually COL, YYYY is a four character product descriptor, 123 is the unique 3 digit serial number, 999 is a three digit number which provides the duration in seconds of the video.

I figured out a way to generate the overall number using a combination of value lists for XXX & 999 and a serial number for the 3 digits.  However, i could not find a way to then combine those disparate elements into a single file against which the database could check for duplicates.

I also found that once the serial generator moved past 999, it would then display a single 1 - i need it display 001. 


Please - if anyone can offer a solution to my problems i would be very grateful.  Oh, i won't be offended if you treat me like a fact i would welcome it because thats exactly what i am.


thanks adam