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Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName )

Question asked by vcirilli on Jan 15, 2009
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Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName )


Hi All, 

[ Mac, FM v9 and FM v10 ]

Has anyone been able to get this function to return object names from a tab object? 
I've set up a tab panel with each tab object labeled. ( obj1, obj2, obj3) 
Run a script using the Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ),  function 
returns "". 

I know the object names are recognized because LayoutObjectNames 
( fileName ; layoutName ) returns the object names. 

I was expecting that the front most tab would be returned so I could 
use it later. 
I've even left the cursor in a field that's is on a tab to see if that 
qualified the tab as active but still nothing. 

Maybe I don't understand what FM considers the Active Object or this 
function does not apply to 
tab objects. 

Thanks in Advance.