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Get (AccountName)

Question asked by brian.curran on Jun 27, 2011
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Get (AccountName)


I'm sure this is a pretty easy task but I simply cannot work it out!

I want to restrict certain users from seeing all of the data on a dashboard layout. To do this, I'll be using conditional formatting to hide the relevant fields but can only do this after a script has identified who is logged in.

To start with, I created a new table called "Current_Account" and added a field called "account_name" which is set to "Text" type.

On the "Auto-Enter" tab, I ticked "Calculated value" and typed "Get ( AccountName )" in the box. The checkbox at the bottom of that screen relating to evaluating fields is ticked. The "Do not replace existing value of field (if any)" checkbox is also ticked.

Under the "Options" tab, I have ticked the "Global" storage checkbox and everything else is greyed out.

When I close the file down and log back in again, the field is blank and only updates when I click the "New Record" button. This is despite the fact that "Account Name" is set to be auto entered...

Any suggestions?